What a year!

What a year!

I know the year isn't technically over yet, but I wanted to say thank you and tell you a little about what's been happening and our plans for next year.

This year has been one of rebuilding, first and foremost. We have a new website, a new warehouse, and generally a new direction. These things take time, but we have seen an impressive 376% increase in store sessions in the past 90 days, which I am thrilled about! We ship to customers all around the globe and continue to build this fantastic brand. Please remember to add reviews to your purchase. Good or bad. We can only improve if we know what needs improving.

Next year, we will expand our collections by adding clothing, accessories, and new colors to our existing boots. We will add a few items here and there to ensure the product fits our Brand Magic: Current+Chic+Heritage

We will continue our Fashion+Music series with more artists, known and unknown. Let us know if you have a favorite artist, you want us to reach out to. "This" is our community, after all.

Also, this year, we highlighted people living with Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Corticobasal Degeneration (CBD) by donating $1 to the PSPA for every pair of boots we sell here on chelseaboot.com.
The PSPA provides information and support for people affected by PSP and CBD while funding research into the causes, treatment, and eventually a cure. Together, we can stop PSP and CBD in their tracks.

Sadly, You or someone you know almost always have to be affected by a disease for you even to be aware of it, and that is the case in our story as well. My partner in business and life was diagnosed earlier in 2023, so I am using the power of the business we are in to spread the word and hope to prevent others from suffering from this without any known cures. Please visit the "Join our Community" page to read more about it. #shop4acause

Photo of Christopher Wicks and Lena Hermansson in an ad for "Giving Tuesday"

Our 50% off sale will remain until the end of the year, so if you have another of boots you were thinking of buying, now is the time.

If you are done shopping for the season, we hope to see you next year and many more years after that.



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