Fashion + Music Oct '23 Features Sweden's rising Country Superstar | Cicci Landèn

Fashion + Music Oct '23 Features Sweden's rising Country Superstar | Cicci Landèn

Cicci and I go way back to high school in a small village in the south of Sweden. I moved to LA in 1990, and Cicci followed a few years later to attend world-renowned MIT in Hollywood. But we haven't seen each other in almost 30 years. So it was a great joy when we got together this past Friday night at Soho House in West Hollywood for a bite to eat and decades to catch up on. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to see if she wanted to be our second Fashion+Music artist and tell us a little about herself, her music, and her career. 

Photograph of Lena Hermansson and Cicci Landèn

Could you tell me when you first started playing music or singing? 

I started early with piano in 3rd grade and guitar When I was 10. And of course, I sang all the time as well!

What inspired you to begin? 

I had a teacher in 4-6th grade who loved music and theater and opened up a new world of singing and being on stage. My family listened to many different kinds of music and genres at our house, so I was surrounded by that growing up.

Who was the first musician that caught your attention, and what drew you to them? 

When I heard Bonnie Raitt for the first time. I loved her voice and the way she plays that slide guitar! She is my biggest inspiration. As a woman, I want to be a musician, singer & songwriter!

Did you, and do you still have a Style Icon?

I can’t come up with anyone right now.

What does clothing and style mean to you, and how does it shape you as an artist? 

I love dresses with strong colors. I always feel comfortable in a dress, which is essential. If you are on stage and not feeling like yourself in what you are wearing, it is harder to do that perfect performance. But I also wear leather and denim and consistently high heels!

Cicci Landen on Stage

Can you recall the first item of clothing you purchased that held sentimental value?


Can you tell me about your personal style? 

I think I have to say Country style.

What are you currently working on? Are you writing, recording or on tour? 

I just finished touring from Montana down to California with artist Elisabeth Carlisle, with me as a guest artist and our band from Sweden. I’ll be going to Texas between Oct 18-22 for the Texas Sounds International CMA Festival, where I am nominated for multiple award designations, and excited about that! When I return to Sweden, I have a new Album coming out on November 4th. ”The Sands of Time”

Certificate of nomination Cicci Landen

Can you please let me know your shoe size? 

Size 6,5

Do you own any pets? 

My dogs Carmen, Decibell, Bonnie

Do yourselves a favor and check out Cicci's music. She is fantastic, and it's so wonderfully odd to hear her now, from knowing each other as kids way back when. I'm truly happy for you, Cicci, and proud of you for living your dream.

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