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Things that make us smile from around the world...this from Readers Digest (Canada)

Restocking the Wardrobes of Female Refugees

England | Poverty brings with it many challenges, not the least of which can be the strain of sorting through clothing donation bins, on a mission to find the right-sized wardrobes for you and your family. Believing that female refugees deserve more than a bag of random castoffs, Sol Escobar, a Cambridge educator and a volunteer at migrant refugee camps, had a novel solution. In 2020, she created Give Your Best, an online “shopping” site that allows women to choose from an array of donated clothing posted by volunteers. All of the clothing is free and can be “shopped” on the site’s Instagram page. Once selected, the items are shipped for free within the United Kingdom. Since its launch, more than 700 women seeking asylum or with precarious immigration status have claimed 7,500 items. —Flannery Dean

Perhaps something to keep in mind when you decide to paying your Chelsea Boots forward. Donate them. 

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