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How are our Chelsea Boots made?

How many steps are there to making a pair of boots? Well, several. Like with everything, it starts out with an idea. A designer, like myself, will put down some ideas on paper, or on the computer. We select the materials and come up with a color story. With out boots we usually draw out our ideas directly on to a shoe form so that we can see that all the lines end up exactly where we want them. Once I'm happy with the design, I create what's called a "Tech Pack". It includes the design, all of the shoe’s specs, down to the size of the lace holes, materials and colors. I then hand this over to our Sample Dept which use the Tech Pack as a map for the actual product. Waiting for the 1st Protos to come through is like being a kid on the Eve before Xmas. There's nothing better! 🥰 #chelseaboots #chelseabootwomen #chelseabootsmen


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