This is a grid showing various images of Queen Victoria and the original Chelsea Boots along with some of the celebrities who helped to coin the name "Chelsea Boots" wearing the boots in and around the 1960's.


In 1851, Queen Victoria challenged the royal shoemakers to make a pair of boots minus shoe laces that were constantly getting tangled in her stirrups while indulging in her favorite pastime of horse riding. The first boots were made by J. Sparkes-Hall, using vulcanized rubber (elastic), allowing Queen Victoria to slip the boots on and off easily. The Queen was delighted; thus, a brand-new footwear style was catapulted onto the world stage. As the stirrup proved so crucial in the history of this beautiful and enduring boot, we lovingly embroider a stirrup on all our Classic Chelsea Boots!

Initially called ”Paddock Boots” due to their popularity while riding, the boots underwent a name change in London’s swinging 60’s and became known as the ”Chelsea Boot” based on their association with King’s Road (A street in the Borough of Chelsea in western London)...Embraced by the Rock & Roll community, from The Rolling Stones and the Beatles to Twiggy, they were the must-have accessory & everybody wanted to walk in their boots.

For over two centuries, the Chelsea Boot has endured as a true style icon incorporating the highest standard and design elements. This unique pair of boots is significant for their extraordinary provenance and their innovative design — a Brand fit for a Queen.