Fashion+Music featuring Manchester’s own guitar hero Mick Rossi

Fashion+Music featuring Manchester’s own guitar hero Mick Rossi

Mick Rossi is a founding member and main songwriter in Manchester punk legends Slaughter And The Dogs and The GloriousHe’s sited as an influence from artists such as Green Day and Oasis. After the SATD split in 2019, Mick is back with his new band; Mick Rossi’s Gun St. He’s gone back to his glam roots, and produced an incredible Rock n Roll album. Mick stopped by my place and we chatted about Fashion, Music and Dogs of course. 

Mick Rossi of Gun St.

When did you start playing music / singing?

I first saw David Bowie on Top of the POPS in 1973 singing STARMAN, Mick Ronson was on guitar and that was a transcendent moment for me in every way, it was the very moment I realized I had to be a musician.

Who was the first musician you noticed and what was it about him or her?

That would be Mick Ronson, legendary guitarist to David Bowie. He had such style and charisma and his guitar playing was out of this world.

Mick Ronson and Mick Rossi walking down the street together

Did you and do you still have a Style Icon?

Dirk Bogarde, British actor & novelist from the 1960’s. The quintessential man of style, understated but always impactful.

Dirk Bogarde

What does clothing and style mean to you and how does it shape you as an artist?

I think one informs the other, I’ve always loved style, whatever it is, if you make it unique to you, it definitely shapes you as an artist, it’s part of your persona.

What was the first piece of clothing you bought that really meant something to you and what was it?

The first piece of clothing that really meant something to me were a pair of Levi 501’s - Button up fly with red stitching on the in-seam. They were such an extravagance back then, classic jeans and still relevant today.

How would you describe your own style?

Eclectic. I very rarely buy new clothing, I love vintage, I don’t really have a style, I just wear what I’m drawn to. It feels authentic. I certainly don’t follow any fashion trends.

What are you up to now? Writing, recording, touring?

I’ve just released a new album with my new band Mick Rossi’s Gun St. With a follow up album in the works, I’m also an actor and a writer, I’m in the process of setting up a TV show set in my home town of Manchester, England - a crime drama called BADLAND.

What size shoes are you?

Size 8

What's the name of your dog?



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