Are you a big reader?

Are you a big reader?

I'm a huge reader. I have 2-3 books going at one time, audio and "regular"....on my iPad. I tend to lean towards Mystery, Thriller & Suspense or Law related Fiction. Books help me focus especially when I sit down to design but I have a lot of other things that needs to get done as well and I can't really focus on anything. I pop in my Airpods and listen to a book. It's amazing what a calming effect it has on me. 

A Gambler's Jury by Victor Methos

I recently re-read a book called "A Gambler's Jury" by Victor Methos. It's a great book and deserves a shout-out. Perfect on a day like today where the rain is CONTINUING to fall here in L.A. Anywho...Have a great rest of your day, wherever you may be and thanks for stopping by.

Lena - The Chelsea Boot Co Est. 1851

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